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MA Degree Checklist

___Approve and sign Degree Outline at TXSU Graduate Office (JCK 280)

___Complete coursework requirements for Major:

___Literary Scholarship (5301)
___Medieval Literature (5353)
___Renaissance Literature (5354)
___American Literature
___British Literature (post-Renaissance)
___Any post-Renaissance literature

___Complete any additional literature electives (if on non-thesis track), background courses, or extra courses, if any. Include course department and number.


___Complete coursework requirements for Minor/Area of Emphasis/Cognate (6-15 hours, depending on degree plan).  Include course department and number.


___Complete Thesis Credits if on Thesis Track [official thesis deadlines can be found at]:

___Consult with graduate advisor
___Obtain commitment of thesis advisor and notify chair’s office
___Enroll in 5399A
___Complete thesis proposal, establish thesis committee, submit for approval by Dean of the Graduate School
___Enroll in 5399B
___Submit complete draft of thesis to committee by official deadline
___Conduct thesis defense with committee (date and time arranged by committee and student)
___Turn in thesis card and two final copies of thesis to Alkek Library, or submit electronically using the VIREO system. See the Graduate College Guide to Preparing and Submitting a Thesis or Dissertation (Revised August 2010) at

___Complete all parts of Comprehensive Examination

Thesis Track:
___General Examination (4 hours, written)
___Thesis Defense (oral)

Non-Thesis Track:
___General Examination (4 hours, written)
___Area Examination (2 hours, written)

___Complete Program Evaluation and Survey Form (available from Director of Graduate Studies).