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Departmental Admission Requirements

Students applying to the MA program in English receive Unconditional Admission if they have:

  1. maintained a 3.25 or higher GPA (4.0 scale) in undergraduate English courses
  2. completed at least 24 hours of undergraduate English, with at least 12 hours of advanced courses
  3. completed 6 hours (or equivalent) of a foreign language

Applicants who do not meet these requirements may sometimes be admitted conditionally pending review of additional application materials, including a GRE score of at least 900 on the verbal and quantitative portions, two letters of recommendation, and a non-fiction writing sample, preferably literary analysis. In general, however, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA in English to be admitted to the MA program. Students lacking 24 hours of undergraduate English may be assigned advanced undergraduate courses as background.

Applicants must send the following materials directly to the Graduate College:

  1. the ApplyTexas electronic application form
  2. a $40 non-refundable application fee
  3. transcripts from all colleges attended

Requirements: Entering students are required to take the following 18 hours of literature in graduate courses in English:

  • Literary Scholarship (ENG 5301)
  • at least one course in Medieval Literature
  • at least one course in Renaissance Literature

three courses in literature after the Renaissance with at least one British and one American


Degree Outlines:

Students in the MA in English program pursue a thesis or a non-thesis track

Thesis Track (30 hours total) Non-thesis Track (36 hours total)
Literary Scholarship - 3 hours
Literature - 15 hours
Minor or Area of Emphasis - 6 hours
Thesis Credit - 6 hours

Total: 30 hours
Literary Scholarship - 3 hours
Literature - 15 hours
Minor or Area of Emphasis - 9 hours
Literature Electives - 9 hours

Total: 36 hours

Click here to read about the thesis guidlines and the non-thesis-track guidelines

Students choose to enroll in an approved graduate Minor or develop an Area of Emphasis (Cognate).  As defined by the MA in Literature program, an Area of Emphasis comprises 2 or more graduate courses related by period, genre, or subject. Assuming that students meet prerequisites for courses, they may take additional graduate courses in Literature or develop Areas of Emphasis from courses in programs outside Literature. Prospective Minors in Departments outside English must contact those Departments and apply for admission as Minors.