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About L.D. Clark and LaVerne Harrell Clark

Dr. Clark
L.D. Clark signing books at Smithville's
First Saturday Arts Festival.

(From the Smithville Times)


L.D. Clark (1922-2014) grew up on a farm in the Cross Timbers region of North Texas “among elders who told stories and boys as rough and tumble as any out of Tom Sawyer.” After serving in the Army Air Corps in World War II, he obtained a PhD from Columbia University and spent a long career teaching English at the University of Arizona, producing scholarship on D.H. Lawrence, and writing novels, short stories and works of non-fiction.
Dr. Clark met his late wife LaVerne Harrell Clark (1929-2008) in a creative writing class at Columbia University. They were married in 1951. A novelist, folklorist, and photographer, Mrs. Clark obtained MA and MFA degrees from the University of Arizona, where she was the first director of the University of Arizona Poetry Center. She produced six works of fiction and non-fiction, and a collection of photographic portraits of 500 well-known and emerging writers, mostly Americans. Her first book, They Sang for Horses, a study of Navajo and Apache horse mythology, won the University of Chicago Folklore Prize and has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institution as a classic in Native American studies. This book is now in print from the University of Colorado Press.  A later book, Keepers of the Earth, won the Best First Novel award from Western Writers of America.
After retiring from the University of Arizona, the Clarks moved to Mrs. Clark’s home in Smithville, near farm property that had been in her family since after the Civil War. The Clarks’ decision to leave the property to Texas State “seemed the natural thing to do,” Mr. Clark said, “because of the good creative writing program here.” 
Dr. and Mrs. Clark held memberships in the Texas Institute of Letters.

LaVerne Harrell Clark
LaVerne Harrell Clark
Books by L.D. Clark
The World According to Coho (Authorhouse 2009)
Pilgrims Progress Redux and Other Stories (Goldminds Publishing 2007)
The Plains Beyond (Stansbury Publishing 2006; Goldminds Publishing 2012)
Bittersweet Christmas (Plain View Press 2003)
Lone Journey and Other Questing Stories (Panther Creek Press 2002)
The Life and Opinions of Marcus Aurelius Wherefore (Authorhouse 2001)
A Bright Tragic Thing (Cinco Puntos Press 1992)
A Charge of Angels (Confluence Press 1988)
The Fifth Wind (Confluence Press 1981)
The Minoan Distance: The Symbolism of Travel in D.H. Lawrence (University of Arizona Press 1981)
Is This Naomi? and Other Stories (Blue Moon Press 1979)
Dark Night of the Body: D.H. Lawrence’s The Plumed Serpent (University of Texas Press 1964)
The Dove Tree (Doubleday 1961)
D.H. Lawrence’s The Plumed Serpent,  L.D. Clark editor (Cambridge University Press 1987)
Civil War Recollections of James Lemuel Clark, Including Previously Unpublished Material on the Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas in October 1862, L.D. Clark editor (Texas A&M University Press 1984)
Books by LaVerne Harrell Clark
Keepers of the Earth (Cinco Puntos Press 2008)
They Sang for Horses (University of Colorado Press 2000)
The Deadly Swarm and Other Stories (Hermes House Press 1985)
Focus 101 (Heidelberg Graphics 1979)
The Face of Poetry: 101 Poets in Two Significant Decades—the 60’s & ‘70s: Photographic Portraits, LaVerne Harrell Clark editor (Heidelberg Graphics 1976)