English 5321.251      Spring 2015
Th 6:30-9:20        Prof. Paul Cohen
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Not a movement or a style, yet characterized by a distinctive perspective, the postmodern spirit has been evident in many key works of recent philosophy, social theory, literature, art, music, architecture, and even technology. We will study examples of postmodernist theory and fiction against the background of early-twentieth-century avant-garde and modernist work, moving toward a more comprehensive grasp of the literature and culture of our own day.

These Web pages contain much material connected with the course and the subject. I will be asking you to study some of this material as the course goes on. In the meantime, feel free to explore. Please bear in mind that these pages are meant to be a tool for use with this course, rather than a comprehensive overview of postmodernism.



Ihab Hassan on Modernism and Postmodernism

Postmodernism Web sites


Fiction with unusual structures

Harry Mathews' "Country Cooking"

Oulipo selection

N+7 generator


Twelve Blue


The Museum

Briar Rose

Pride and Prejudice

Victorian Web


The Falls

John Cage: Organ2 / ASLSP

Five Easy Pieces scene

Paper 1


Paper 2

Final Examination