Ihab Hassan


Romanticism / Symbolism 'Pataphysics / Dadaism
Form (conjunctive, closed) Antiform (disjunctive, open)
Purpose Play
Design Chance
Hierarchy Anarchy
Mastery / Logos Exhaustion / Silence
Art Object / Finished Work Process / Performance / Happening
Distance  Participation
Creation / Totalization / Synthesis Decreation / Deconstruction / Antithesis
Presence Absence
Centering Dispersal
Genre / Boundary Text / Intertext
Semantics Rhetoric
Paradigm Syntagm
Hypotaxis Parataxis
Metaphor Metonymy
Selection Combination
Root / Depth Rhizome / Surface
Interpretation / Reading Against Interpretation / Misreading
Signified Signifier
Lisible Scriptible
Narrative / Grand Histoire Anti-narrative / Petite Histoire
Master Code Idiolect
Type Mutant
Genital / Phallic Polymorphous / Androgynous
Paranoia Schizophrenia
God the Father The Holy Ghost
Metaphysics Irony
Determinacy Indeterminacy
Transcendence Immanence

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