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As a TA, you are entitled to purchase a restricted (faculty) parking permit.  Permits are available at Parking Services in the Mathews Street Garage, 202 Student Center Dr. (8:00 am-5:00 pm), or online at  A restricted permit costs $335.  First-year TAs may not be able to get their restricted permits until the University has processed all hiring paperwork.  If you need parking immediately, you may buy a student perimeter (purple) permit and then upgrade it to a restricted permit in a couple of weeks.  Keep your receipt.

Required Public Posting of Syllabi and CV

Required Public Posting of Syllabi and CV

Texas law (HB 2504) requires faculty at public universities to post undergraduate syllabi for easy access of students and others..

As soon as syllabi are complete, post them at, using the “Editor Access” tab. A link to the site is also located on Texas State’s homepage.

While on the site, be sure to add or update your CV that must include minimally the following information:

  1. All institutions of higher education attended, with the dates of attendance and degree(s) earned;
  2. All previous teaching and administrative positions relevant to higher education, including the names of the institutions, the position, beginning and ending dates, and brief description of the position’s responsibilities;
  3. A list of significant professional publications relevant to the academic positions held, including full publication data for each entry; and
  4. The CV may include the instructor’s professional contact information, such as office telephone number, work address, and institutional email address. It should not include personal information about the instructor, such as the home address or personal telephone number.
Contact Phone Email
Emergency 911  
University Information 512-245-2111  
Department of English (FH 365) 512-245-2163  
Shaula Rocha (FH 365) 512-245-2163
Taylor Cortesi (FH 354) 512-245-3011
Nancy Wilson (FH 360) 512-245-5273
Stephanie Noll (FH 219) 512-245-8026
Graduate Directors (FH 361-64):    
MFA (Doug Dorst) 512-245-7681
MA Literature (Teya Rosenberg) 512-245-7685
MATC (Miriam Williams) 512-245-3015
MARC (Rebecca Jackson) 512-245-8975
Writing Center (ASBN 101): 512-245-3018  
Deb Balzhiser, Director
Round Rock Writing Center (Avery Building) 512-716-4077  
Flowers Hall Computer Lab and Tech Support    
Matthew Greengold 512-245-7662
Scott Christensen 512-245-7663
Classroom Technologies 512-245-4822; option 1