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Annual Review

Purpose: The  system is used to conduct and report annual faculty reviews within the College of Liberal Arts. The purpose of annual review is to

  • give faculty clear guidelines for reporting workload and professional activities;
  • give reviewers the information they need in a consistent, readable form;
  • provide a standard format for reporting departmental evaluations;
  • ensure that faculty are informed of evaluation results and have an opportunity to respond;
  • give the College of Liberal Arts a complete record of the annual review, which is kept on file and used for compiling the Faculty Bibliography and other reports.

To complete your annual review, go to the Digital Measures homepage:

Recommendations for FYE Annual Review Reports:

Comments on Teaching

  • Articulate how your writing assignments, sequence of assignments, and assessment support FYE course goals.
Summary Comments on Student Evaluations
  • Analyze student evaluations while citing specific examples.
  • Based on student evaluations, clarify how you will change (or not change) your pedagogy as it aligns with FYE course goals.
N.B. Honor the 500-word limit on both sections.

Sample FYE Annual Review Reports:

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