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Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

The below lesson plans and teaching resources are organized in the order most instructors move through them. You likely won’t use all the items listed, but hopefully this sampling will assist you in designing your own classroom activities.

The primary goal of ENG 1310 is to teach students the basics of argumentative writing. Thus, for ENG 1310, you’ll mostly rely on the resources listed up through the Style & Grammar section. That said, you may find yourself dipping into some later resources.

Helping students develop the skills needed for research-based writing is the central focus of ENG 1320. Thus, when teaching this course, you'll primarily utilize the lower categories, starting from Selecting a Research Topic. However, you'll likely need to review the fundamentals from the prior listed categories. 

For more resources, such as handouts and PowerPoints, see the Writing Center's website. 

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