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Financial Aid Information

Non-Attendance and Financial Aid

If you are a Pell Grant, Iraq-Afghanistan Service Grant (IASG) or TEACH Grant recipient, federal regulations require you to have begun attending the courses for which you are enrolled and receiving these grants. If on the census date roster (e.g. 12th day of each fall and spring semester) you are reflected as not attending a course, you are assumed (for financial aid purposes) not to have begun attendance for that course. Your grant will then be adjusted or cancelled based on the courses you have actually begun attending.


Unofficial Withdraws and Financial Aid

If you fail to earn a passing grade in at least one of your courses (i.e., all U’s all I’s or a combination of all U’s, W’s, or I’s) during a semester, you are considered to have, for purposes of federal Title IV funds, unofficially withdrawn from the university. As a result, a federal withdrawal calculation must be performed to determine the amount of Title IV funds that you must repay. Once the amount you must repay is determined, Financial Aid and Scholarships will mail you a letter with the repayment details.

Note: A grade of U (Unearned Failing) is awarded to students who do not officially withdraw from but fail to complete a course (i.e. did not take a final exam, stopped attending, etc.) and failed to achieve the course objectives.


Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Financial Aid

Federal regulations require you to meet certain minimum academic standards in order to remain eligible for financial assistance. The requirements are you: 1) maintain a minimum cumulative Texas State GPA; 2) complete at least 70% of all your coursework; and 3) not exceed a maximum limit of attempted hours toward your degree or certificate program.

Additional program-specific requirements also exist (e.g., TEXAS Grant). You can view these SAP criteria in more detail at by selecting Undergraduate Aid or Graduate Aid from the dropdown menu and then Maintain My Eligibility.



FAS: 7/5/13