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Recent Alumni News

Abridged List of Alumni Publications and Awards

Author Title Publisher/Award Year

Vanessa Couto Johnson

pungent dins concentric Tolsun Books 2018
JR Helton Bad Jobs and Poor Decisions W.W. Norton 2018
Levis Keltner Into That Good Night Arcade


David Norman South of Hannah Impress Books


Luisa Muradyan American Radiance Prairie Schooner Prize/ University of Nebraska Press 2018
Melissa Stephenson Driven Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2018
Elizabeth Threadgill Tangled in the Light Finishing Line Press 2018
Ray Robertson 1979 Biblioasis 2018
James Deitz Still Seeing a Dead Soldier TurningPoint 2018
John Fry With Dogstar as My Witness Orison Books 2018
Amelia Gray Isadora Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2017
Allison Grace Myers "Perfume Poured Out" Image; Honorable Mention Best American Essays 2017 2017
Michaela Hansen "The Devil in the Barn" American Short Fiction Prize (selected by Lauren Groff) 2017
Will Jensen Cities of Men Turner 2017
Tomás Q. Morín Patient Zero Copper Canyon Press 2017
Ram Hinojosa   NEA Military Fellowship 2018
Annie Shepherd "A Fire to Make Things Right" North American Review 2017
Samantha Allen "Letter to a Ghost" The Common 2017
Zach Groesbeck "Surrounding Trees," "Birdsong Amid Silence" Cortland Review 2017
Sean Rose "An Incomplete Obituary for Damien Stuart Wilson" Day One 2017
Mallory Chesser "The Lost Girls: A Rehearsal for Minor Tragedies" Electric Literature 2017
Autumn Hayes "A Poem Some Will Have to Misunderstand," "Sieges" 3:AM Magazine, The Seattle Review 2017
Ross Feeler "Varieties of Religious Experience" Hypertext Magazine 2017
Ashton Kamburoff "Self-Portrait as Eldest Son," "Decomposture" (b)oinkCalamity 2017
Ben Reed "Bull & Finches" Tin House Online 2017
John Fry; Luisa Muradyan; Vanessa Couto Johnson "the wilderness rose as incense," "I say arid and the room says storm;" "A Beaver and His Pile of Wood," "Firefly," Vera Beneath the Floor;" "c(on)ta(in)er," "o(vers)ight" Blackbird 2017