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Apply for Admission


January 22 is the deadline for fall admission applications. 

Applicants for the Fall must also apply for a Teaching Assistantship OR waive this requirement by emailing Stanislav Rivkin (MFA Program Coordinator) at by 1/22/21. 

IA/TA positions are awarded on an annual basis, for the entire academic year following the application. 

November 1, 2020 is the deadline for Spring admission applications. Applicants for spring admission may only apply for IA/TA positions (by 1/24/20, as described above) that begin the following academic year. 

Steps to Applying

1.) Complete your electronic application

PLEASE NOTE: Texas State University is currently transitioning its application management system, so please read the following instructions carefully in order to apply for the correct term of admission.

2.) Pay $55 application fee

  • For Fall 2020 admission, payment can be made at the conclusion of the application.
  • Fee Waivers: If the application fee is a serious financial burden (as determined relative to your maximum family contribution on the FAFSA), you can request a graduate application fee waiver by emailing The Graduate College at

3.) Submit copies of official transcripts from each college or university you have attended. Please see instructions within the electronic application. 

4.) Complete a Teaching Assistantship Application or a Waiver of Assistantship

  • A Teaching Assistantship application is required for students who would like financial assistance in the form of Fellowships or Assistantships.
  • Note: This requirement can be waived upon your written request. If you do not wish to be considered for any Assistantships or Fellowships, and would like to apply to the MFA program anyway, you may email and indicate this preference in lieu of completing the Assistantship application.
  • The Teaching Assistantship application includes the following components: 
    • Application form

    • Personal statement (regarding teaching, rather than writing)

    • Three (3) letters of recommendation 

5.) Upload a writing portfolio (via electronic application)

  • Fiction writers should submit up to 30 pages of fiction (short stories and/or a novel excerpt)
  • Poets should submit 12-15 poems
  • Applicants wishing to study creative nonfiction should apply in Fiction, and should submit one short story or brief novel excerpt AND one creative nonfiction essay or memoir excerpt (up to 30 pages total) 
  • Please submit your portfolio as a single PDF file. The PDF must show your last name and your genre (e.g., Smith, Poetry). The writing portfolio is the single most important factor in determining admission to the MFA program. 

All applicants are automatically considered for MFA program scholarships, though Assistantships are the primary means of financial support. Applicants for the Fall admission must apply for a Teaching Assistantship OR waive this requirement by emailing Stanislav Rivkin (MFA Program Coordinator) at by 1/22/21. Learn more about Assistantships here. 

For general admissions questions, please e-mail Stanislav Rivkin, MFA Program Coordinator, at