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International Applicants

We believe that the ideal MFA setting is diverse and representative of many styles, aesthetics, perspectives, and life experiences. Therefore, we highly encourage applications from students applying from outside the United States. 

We also understand that the application process can be difficult for international students. We're here to help you navigate this process, by: 

  • Advising regarding whether the program is a good fit

  • Answering questions regarding the program application requirements, and Assistantship application requirements

  • Helping students navigate the additional application steps imposed upon international applicants by the Texas State Graduate College

If you have any questions, or can't find what you're looking for in the resources provided below, please reach out to Stanislav Rivkin, MFA Program Coordinator, at 

International Student Resources

Important Note Regarding Transcripts and Language Proficiency

When students apply to the MFA, they're applying to two separate offices: the Graduate College of the University, and the MFA Program. This distinction is important to understand.

The MFA program is the independent entity that actually evaluates your writing sample and Assistantship application. The Graduate College merely tells the MFA program who it may or may not consider, but the MFA program is the entity that determines both admittance and funding.

The Graduate College must approve all admission documents and certify that all applicants meet its universal standards. However, international applicants may petition the MFA program to request that the English proficiency score requirements be waived. The Graduate College will ultimately decide whether to approve or deny the request. 

To petition for the English proficiency score requirement to be waived, please complete this form. The Graduate College will consider your petition and decide whether there is basis to waive the Language Proficiency testing requirement.