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Department of English Faculty

Dr. Robert T. Tally, Jr.

Dr. Robert T. Tally Jr.


NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities

Honorary Professor of International Studies

PhD, University of Pittsburgh


Flowers Hall M09


Texas State Faculty Profile


Featured Scholarly Works

Tally, R. T. (n.d.). Topophrenia: Place, Narrative, and the Spatial Imagination. Bloomington and Indianapolis, IN: Indiana University Press.

Tally, R. T. (n.d.). Fredric Jameson. In The Routledge Handbook of Marxism and Post-Marxism. Eds. Alex Callinicos, Stathis Kouvelakis, and Lucia Pradella. London and New York: Routledge.

Tally, R. T. (n.d.). Critique Unlimited. In What’s Wrong with Antitheory? Ed. Jeffrey Di Leo. New York, NY: Bloomsbury.

Tally, R. T., & Rao, E. (Eds.). (n.d.). Negotiating Spaces in Women’s WritingSpecial issue of Humanities (journal).

Tally, R. T. (2018). Of Other American Spaces: The Alterity of the Urban in the U.S. National Imaginary. In “Space Oddities: Difference and Identity in the American City.” Eds. Michael Fuchs and Stefan L. Brandt (pp. 27–45). Vienna: LIT Verlag.

Full list of publications and scholarly works

Area(s) of Specialization:

American Literature (especially 19th and 20th Centuries), Literary Criticism and Theory, World Literature