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First-Year Syllabus

English 1300: Basic Writing

English 1300 is an intensive writing course for students who require additional experience in expository composition in preparation for English 1310 and other college level courses.

In English 1300, you will study the principles of effective composition, with emphasis on the improvement of papers through revision and the critical reading of substantive nonfiction texts. While self-expressive and narrative writing may serve as a means of supporting ideas within a given paper, such writing is not, in itself, the focus of the course.

After completing English 1300, you should be able to draft, revise, and edit texts in which you demonstrate the ability to formulate a thesis (central idea) in an orderly way; form clear and effective paragraphs and sentences; use an appropriate vocabulary; and apply the grammatical conventions of written English.

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English 1310 and 1320

This syllabus outlines policies common to all sections of first-year English at Texas State University. Students should read the syllabus carefully and ask their instructor to explain any information that they do not understand.

In first-year English, students study the principles of expository writing - the kind of objective, audience-directed prose used in college and beyond to explain and defend ideas. Because reading, viewing, and writing are inextricably linked, first-year English also emphasizes critical reading and viewing, teaching students to analyze and understand a variety of texts, including expository and literary texts that represent diverse voices and ideas, visual images, and their own writing.