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We all cling to those special individuals whose infectious laugh brightens up the whole room, who can turn mundane tasks into something to look forward to if you know they will be there to help, who can tell you the difficult things you need to hear while still letting you know they respect you. For the faculty and staff of the English Department, Karen Bryson has been this person for the last seventeen years. Karen is in her last few months of her time with the department as she is retiring on August 31, 2016. An event honoring her time at Texas State took place on April 28.


Dr. Octavio Pimentel and Dr. Miriam Williams

Race and ethnicity are significant topics in American society - in the classroom, the media, and in politics. How ideas about these subjects are communicated have profound effects on the ways we think about them. Such effects are examined in Communicating Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in Technical Communication, co-edited by Drs. Octavio Pimentel and Miriam Williams and recognized with the prestigious 2016 Technical and Scientific Award at the College Conference on Composition and Communication this past March.


Dorothy Lawrenson

MFA poetry student Dorothy Lawrenson, who will graduate this May, has been selected as the 2016 Outstanding Student in Liberal Arts.

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Featured Alumna: Sonia Arellano

Sonia Arellano

Sonia Arellano earned her bachelors in Mass Communication and English from Texas State University in 2006. She is currently working to complete her PhD at the University of Arizona while also working with the Migrant Quilt Project.


Featured Faculty: Dr. Geneva Gano

Dr. Geneva Gano

Dr. Geneva Gano joined the Texas State English Department last fall as an Assistant Professor focusing on Women Writers of the U.S.