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Dr. Susan MorrisonIn February of 2016, Dr. Susan Morrison's book, A Medieval Woman’s Companion: Women’s Lives in the European Middle Ages, will be published. It is a collection of biographies, each about 5-10 pages in length, of exemplary women from the Middle Ages along with a few contextual essays. The driving force behind publishing this book comes from Dr. Morrison’s belief that “not only can feminist theory be applied to medieval women, but their experiences and writings can change contemporary feminist theory for the better.” Read more...

Gold StarPBS recently published a story on the Barrio Writers program, a workshop developed by MFA fiction graduate Sarah Rafael Garcia. To read the full article and learn more about the Barrio Writers program, click here.

Internship Graphic Am I prepared? What constitutes a professional portfolio? Will I be able to find a career in my field? Where do I go for help with these questions?

The English Department offers students nearing the end of their undergraduate career an Internship Program that provides them real-world experience in the workplace.Through this program, students can begin developing a portfolio that can be used as a sample of their work when they meet with potential employers after graduation.


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Featured Alumna: Moriah McCracken

Moriah McCracken

Entering into her fourth year of university teaching, Texas State graduate and former MA Literature student Dr. Moriah McCracken is the Director of First-Year Writing and Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at St. Edward’s University.


Featured Faculty: Dr. John Blair

Dr. John Blair

Dr. John Blair specializes in teaching creative writing classes as well as sophomore literature classes. His award-winning third poetry collection, Playful Song Called Beautiful, is scheduled for publication in 2016.