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To our students:

As we all have observed during the recent elections, as well as in the days following, our ability to function as a society based upon the free and respectful exchange of ideas has been sorely tested by deep divisions surfacing in our culture. These divisions have weakened the very threads that bind us as a people.  Such a threat to respect for difference – in selves, but in ideas as well -- is troubling for many reasons, since America has always been a land of differences and broad diversity. 


Featured Alumnus: Mr. Aaron Barker

Mr. Aaron Barker

Meet the newest member of the Liberal Arts Advisory Board, Mr. Aaron Barker, a former English major at Texas State and a rising attorney with WSGR in Austin.


Featured Faculty: Dr. Jaime Mejía

Dr. Eric Leake

Dr. Jaime Mejía, Associate Professor with a specialty in Rhetoric and Composition and Chicano/a Studies, emphasizes the importance of minority scholarship in his academic writings and the classes he teaches.